COVID-19 Community Response

In March of 2020, novel coronavirus swept through the globe and we saw thousands of Métis individuals, families and communities in British Columbia impacted.

Phase One

During “Phase One” of the COVID-19 Community Response Program, financial support was provided to over 160 members, and 6 partner communities throughout the province. These funds temporarily addressed housing and food insecurity concerns primarily due to job loss/wage reductions. 

Phase Two

“Phase Two ” of the program allowed us to expand our financial support to over 340 members, and provide a secondary round of funding to partner communities. In both instances, funds were accessed through an online application form and all applications were reviewed by BCMF staff. Partner communities used the funds as best suited for their members, including the purchase of PPE and gas and grocery gift cards.

Vaccine Access for Self-Identifying Metis

As Métis peoples are proven to be more likely impacted by the novel coronavirus Vaccination Access was a primary concern for BCMF members. Our team worked with Dr Bonnie Henry’s staff to advocate for and ensure that all self-identifying Métis in British Columbia would have priority access to the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

For more information on our COVID-19 Community Response Program, please visit our project page, or reach out to Drake Henry.

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