Industry Engagement

The BC Métis Federation (BCMF) continues to work with industry to assert the rights of our Métis members throughout British Columbia. One of our key areas of focus has been to ensure proper Métis consultation. BCMF engages at various levels of industry, from emergency preparedness to traditional knowledge studies, even developing spill response capacity with the Canadian Coast Guard.

Some of our current projects include:

What is Industry Engagement?

BCMF is engaging with industry partners to better understand their environmental conservation, local community support, and the long-term effects of their projects on the land. An important part of this process is speaking with Métis individuals, families, and communities interacting with the land in traditional and cultural activities.

In addition to this work, we also aim to ensure that Métis individuals are positively impacted by Industry projects including job and procurement opportunities. 

We encourage you to visit our Career Services page and our Job Board if you are looking for employment. If you are a contractor or business owner, learn more about our Procurement and contract services here.

Land Rights and Consultation

Métis land rights, economic development and resource extraction are controversial topics. We at BCMF do not dispute the land rights of First Nations in what is now called British Columbia. We simply assert the fact that our people have also been here, interacting with the land for thousands of years, and continue to do so. BCMF believes everyone should have a seat at the table, in order for true reconciliation to take place.

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