Justice & Legal Aid

The Province of British Columbia developed a First Nations Justice Strategy to address the known issues and inequalities in the Justice System. In February 2021, BCMF has released a paper in response called ‘a Framework to launch a just and inclusive Métis Justice Strategy process.’ that outlines some recommended adjustments and inclusions for Métis people in BC. 

Ongoing progress

The BCMF has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Legal Aid BC. Through this partnership, there is a commitment to enhancing the experiences of Métis people in BC who are interfacing with the justice system.

BCMF continues to advocate on behalf of its membership and negotiate at various levels of government to be included and consulted on issues that are relevant to Métis people.

Child Welfare

The child welfare system in BC has a legacy tied to residential schools and other colonial practices. The system continues to see proportionately more Indigenous children in government ‘care’ than other populations, and in fact, there are currently more Indigenous children in government ‘care’ (such as group homes, foster care, etc) than at the height of the residential school system.

In 2020, a new act was passed: “An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children, youth, and families” (Bill C-92).

BCMF has submitted a grant proposal and continues to advocate for Métis rights within the Justice system.

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