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Michif has been a historical language used by the Métis people of Canada, the skill and adaptability of this Canadian-developed language resulted in the Métis people being part of the economic development of Canada. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reports that three-quarters of Indigenous languages in Canada are “definitely”, “severely” or “critically” endangered, Michif language is in the critically endangered category.

The Michif language allows us to share and communicate culture, world views, knowledge systems, values, traditions, customs, history, spirituality, social and political identity today and for future generations. The Michif language is integral to our sense of self and a key aspect of self-determination as Métis.The Michif Language Project was funded in partnership with Heritage Canada and BC Métis Federation to pursue the language preservation efforts of the French Michif Dialect by developing a full curriculum and resource library for beginner-level learners. The project success is a direct result of BC Metis Federations leadership in targeting Michif Language Revitalization as a priority.

Developing a meaningful curriculum

Michif Language through Stories Curriculum K-6 is a community-led storytelling project. A call for Métis story submissions was put out by BCMF Michif Language Revitalization Elders and Language Team. Métis community across the province of BC responded by submitting stories of their family histories, culture and relationship experiences which enhanced the sharing of our Métis culture and content for the curriculum.

Each story was contributed by the community, vetted by Michif Elders Committee and Speakers, and was transcribed into key Michif French words and French words with full English translations. Each lesson includes Michif French audio of each lesson, full story reading by the Michif Speaker telling a story with Michif audio of key words spoken in Michif for pronouncing from each of the stories. These stories have allowed us to preserve knowledge from our Elders and cherished language keepers while we still can. According to census data, there are less than a thousand Michif speakers remaining across Canada, the majority of which are over 70 years old.

Michif Language Curriculum Volumes 1 to 3 are designed for any early learner, each level is broken down into a full K-6 Michif French Curriculum. There are 102 lesson plans that have been developed for use in schools, communities, and daycare centres with scoring options to measure the learning capacity of the language. These lesson plans also include additional extras such as recipes, games, cultural and traditional knowledge and audio files to support learning. The completion of the K-6 curriculum includes a one-thousand word Michif Glossary with illustration photos, the first of its kind.

If you are interested in the curriculum, please complete this form. our Director of Michif Language, Jeanie Cardinal will review your application and will assist you with obtaining Michif French Language resource package to lead your community into using the Michif French Language through Stories Curriculum K-6. 

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