Northeast BC Connector (NEBC)

BCMF is currently engaging with NorthRiver Midstream on a potential pipeline project. As part of NorthRiver Midstream’s duty to consult, BCMF has participated in a Traditional Knowledge Study to determine if there are any objections to the proposed pipeline route, or if there is a perceived potential impact on the land that would affect how Métis people are currently using the land, or if there would be any potential long-term threats to the environment that we would object to.

Virtual Community Meetings

As part of the research phase of these Traditional Knowledge Studies, BCMF hosts Virtual Community Meetings (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) to determine which of our members in the proposed areas are active on the land and would be considered Knowledge Keepers. Knowledge Keepers hold a very special role in our community as they maintain traditional or cultural practices including harvesting, hunting, traplines, traditional plant knowledge including medicine gathering, etc.

Map reviews

Once these Knowledge Keepers are identified and interested in participating, we conduct a “map review”. A map review is when we get together and look over the entire proposed route so that our Knowledge Keepers have a detailed understanding of the proposed route, before going out onto the land to inspect the region. Typically these are done in person, with stories and sharing a meal. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we had to hold these virtually.

Research and Recommendations

Our Knowledge Keepers then go out onto the land and begin their research and highlight any areas of concern. Our Traditional Knowledge Studies Program Coordinator oversees all of this and then compiles the research into a report, complete with recommendations.

The project guide and final report for the proposed NEBC project are below.

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