Trans Mountain Expansion Project

Since signing a Mutual Benefits Agreement (“MBA”) in 2014, BCMF has worked alongside Trans Mountain and other organizations to better understand the impact of Industry on the land in British Columbia. In addition to support with the Land and Life Project, BCMF has worked with TMX and Natural Resources Canada to support economic opportunities for Metis in British Columbia.

Job & Procurement Fairs

BCMF has hosted a series of Virtual Job and Procurement Fairs for a variety of roles along the TMX project route. Our employment coordinator reviews resumes and helps to support applications submitted to the prime contractors. Our employment coordinator has reviewed and assisted with over 40 job applications for Métis job-seekers.

Procurement Opportunities for Contractors

Our Procurement Coordinator works to assist Métis-owned business in submitting bids/proposals for contracts along the TMX project route. If you own your own business and would like to participate in bidding on the many opportunities that exist, please contact

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