AGM Results Now Available

BC Métis Federation is pleased to provide the draft minutes from the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Terrace, British Columbia.

We encourage members to review the minutes and materials that were presented to members. Click the links below to view or download the meeting minutes and presentation materials in PDF format.

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]BCMF 1st Quarter Financial Statements April – June, 2016[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]BCMF Annual Report : 2015-2016[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]BCMF Notice of AGM & Election of Directors[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]BCMF Consultation Office Operational Update: 2016 AGM Presentation[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]BCMF Draft Minutes AGM September 24th, 2016[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]BCMF Approved Minutes September 26th, 2015[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Final Electoral Officer Report: BCMF Board of Directors[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Métis Economic Development Corporation: AGM 2016 Update[/ilink]


[ilink url=”” style=”download”]NGP Update: 2016 AGM[/ilink]


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