Métis Economic Development Corporation Open for Business

(Vancouver, BC) BC Métis Federation is pleased to announce today that their new nonpolitical business entity has been formed. The Métis Economic Development Corporation is now legally incorporated and ready to start the next steps.

“We have our first Board meeting as well as a request for proposal to set up the new website and brand. We have started to engage with Métis Communities and larger companies to see how we can best collaborate” says Shauna Benson, Executive Director for the new Métis Economic Development Corporation.

Executive Director Benson added, “We would like to offer our service to all Métis regardless of who their community and society is. Our goal is to find the right projects and connections for as many of the Métis in BC who, on their own would not be able to get bigger contracts. We will be looking for Mètis accountants, lawyers, welders, engineers, contractors, educators, innovator, and many other skills.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “The primary goal of the Métis Economic Development Corporation is to promote culturally relevant self-sustainability for BC Métis Federation, our partner communities and members. In addition the Métis Economic Development Corporation will also play a key role in supporting Métis owned businesses to coordinate bids so that they may compete for service and supply contracts associated with development and other projects located throughout BC.”

The BC Métis Federation and Métis Economic Development Corporation boards are meeting July 25th to take next steps.

For more information about the BC Métis Federation view our website at www.bcmetis.com.

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