Métis Heritage Days – A Smashing Success

(Prince George, BC) – The BC Métis Federation continued their commitment to supporting Métis cultural revitalization, education, and celebrations with their third Summer of Culture event today at the Métis Heritage Days in Prince George, BC. The Métis Heritage Days were co-hosted with the Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society and held at the Fort George Park in Prince George.

BC Métis Federation and Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society worked with many local organizations and Métis community members to bring together one of the most successful Métis Heritage Days ever. Several thousand people attended, estimated at the largest crowd ever for this event. Métis Heritage Days have been held for several years but this is the first year where BC Métis Federation and Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society co-hosted the event.

Once again Kikino Métis Child and Family Services from Prince George provided strong support and the local MLA Honourable Shirley Bond, who is also the Provincial Minister for Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Development and Labour, attended and made strong opening comments that were greatly appreciated.

BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “This was one of the most powerful Métis cultural events I have witnessed in our Métis community. There were thousands of people visiting and the Métis people were so proud to be Métis. BC Métis Federation and our partners continue to lead by example and provide much need Métis education, cultural celebrations and cultural awareness.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added, “On behalf of our BC Métis Federation board and leadership thank you to all of our volunteers including our own BC Métis Federation cultural ambassador Ms. Beverly Lambert, board member from Terrace Mr. Rene Therrien, and Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society President Mr. Patrick Pocha. I know how pleased Patrick was with the event noting his appreciation to so many that assisted and supported his work to ensure this event was a success. The work together from everyone to support marketing, increasing local awareness, and developing a cultural program event for all to enjoy ensured Métis Heritage Day was an incredible success.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry further added, “The BC Métis Federation was a proud co-partner and this was an event well worth the investment we contributed through direct costs, entertainers, and marketing ads locally and through the use of social media. The Northern Interior Métis Cultural Society and BC Métis Federation have reached an agreement to co-host this event for the next number of years and we will continue to strive to make bigger and better in 2014.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “This is our third cultural event in 2013 where we provided sponsorship support to ensure there was Métis culture in partnership with the local community. BC Métis Federation was proud to provide support as we completed our third event for the Summer of Cultural in 2013. Our team is now focusing on an this upcoming week with two events on June 21st ; first in Vancouver with the opening of the Klahowya Village in Stanley Park that will include a new Métis exhibit and second the Sharing the Spirit – Aboriginal Day celebration in Sidney on Vancouver Island. This will be followed up with National Aboriginal Day events in Surrey and Gibson’s on Saturday, June 22nd, 2013. The details for Métis people to attend the events are located on our website at:

1. http://bcmetis.com/2013/06/klahowya-village-opens-june-21st-september-2nd-2013/
2. http://bcmetis.com/2013/05/summer-of-culture-continues-june-21st-sharing-the-spirit/
3. http://bcmetis.com/2013/06/vancouver-metis-citizens-society-to-celebrate-national-aboriginal-day-june-22nd-2013/
4. http://bcmetis.com/2013/06/national-aboriginal-day-surrey-nova-metis-heritage-association-june-22nd/

The BC Métis Federation actions and support for culture continue to speak louder than words and we build stronger each and every week.”

For more information about the BC Métis Federation please go to www.bcmetis.com.

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