Coffee Talk Host Keith Henry Features the Best of Métis History, Music and Stories

(Vancouver, BC) As online audiences grow and interest rises in the show, Coffee Talk moderator and British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) founding President Keith Henry is moving the direction of the programming towards Métis historical reflections, music and culture and deepening those connections for Métis people.

Mr. Henry, who has sparked interest from the broadcast community for his unique interview style and investigative probing into Métis governance and financial accountability at MNBC, is very comfortable on camera providing education about the Métis contribution to Canada’s history. Yesterday’s show had another 3000 online viewers from throughout Canada.

One of the most popular recurring Coffee Talk segments is the historical reflections in which Keith Henry goes back into the 1800’s and brings to life the ways that Métis society governed over areas like the Buffalo Hunt through the Laws of the Prairies.

On last night’s show (Thursday July 21st, 2011) Mr. Henry spoke of the Laws of St Laurent that in 1873 superseded the original Laws of the Prairies and in many ways were much more sophisticated and more representational than the British governance that ruled during Canada’s formation.

Coffee Talk also introduced Métis artist Liv Wade from Vancouver Island to the audience and in conversation with moderator Keith Henry she presented her story of adoption and not knowing her culture. As an adult she has come to learn of her Métis ancestry through family names of Dionne, Lavallee, and others. Ms. Wade’s adoption proved to be the well spring of source material for her songs through her Métis artistic expression and she has found healing and inspiration.

Moderator Keith Henry then introduced Liv Wade performing on her latest CD the song Big Bear from her new album. Her words and music captivated the Coffee talk online viewers who can write to her directly at Moderator Keith Henry also strongly encouraged Coffee Talk viewers to support Liv in her work as a Métis musician. The best way is for our viewers to down load her songs on iTunes by searching for Liv Wade. Proceeds are paid directly for Liv Wade for every song purchased by her supporters on iTunes.

The final segment of the show saw two BCMF leaders, BCMF Founding President Keith Henry and BCMF Vice President Daryl Piper discuss, discuss other news worthy topics and address their concerns about the future of MNBC and President Bruce Dumont who continues to receive federal taxpayer funding of approximately $13,000,000 annually yet still managing to run MNBC into insolvency and irrecoverable debt load of no less than 2.3 million in only the last 36 months.

BCMF Founding President Mr. Henry stated; “It is time to hold MNBC President Bruce Dumont accountable and those governments that dole out tax payer money with no accountability nor responsibility for its application to the daily lives of Métis people. Time and time again the former CCMC, now the BCMF, have demonstrated clear facts and hard evidence of the financial mismanagement of the MNBC.”

BCMF Founding President Henry added; “Where are government officials that have approved ongoing annual funding for various initiatives while watching MNBC go deeper and deeper into debt? Do they not perform any due diligence? I have witnessed Federal and Provincial Government officials at MNBC meetings where we tried to have MNBC finally be accountable only to be politically closed off. Can they not see the obvious?”

BCMF Founding President Henry further added; “We have also tracked emails and letters sent to governments. We know governments and their respective Ministers have been advised (or should have been advised) for some time. Yet it appears governments that provide MNBC funding have chosen to ignore the problem hoping BCMF goes away. BCMF will not go away because the financial mismanagement is wrong. MNBC has never had a mandate to run massive debts that will lead to the bankruptcy of this organization. We assume MNBC leaders continue to try and project the notion to governments that the issues in BC are personal. This is not true. Let’s review the realities; the current MNBC leaders have bought land and a school without proper planning, they have suspended MNBC directors, they have removed staff using very questionable human resources practices, personally benefitted (weddings and purchase of equipment), and on and on. Where does it all end?

BCMF Founding President Henry concluded; “The MNBC ship is sinking and I have been receiving new internal information about how much worse it will get according to an internal MNBC source. This individual is also now convinced the school will fail which in turn will further add to the overall challenges of the MNBC finances. During the last MNGA in February MNBC leaders boasted about an alleged $300,000.00 in profit they would realize at the Métis Skills and Employment Center (MSEC) for 2010-2011. MNBC admitted they would use these profits to minimize the 2010-2011 debt estimated to be another $730,000.00 (estimated). I have been provided new information about the financial statements that these MNBC statements were based on and once again it appears MNBC leadership and management has no real grasp on the financial situation. A letter will be forwarded to government’s early next week with this new information as further evidence to reveal the significance of the MNBC financial crisis which we projected, quite accurately, since 2010. It will be extremely interesting for the Métis community and partners to read.”


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