BCMF Proud to Announce the Launch of Two New Michif Language Programs

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BCMF Proud to Announce the Launch of Two New Michif Language Programs

Vancouver, British Columbia, July 3, 2024 — The BC Métis Federation (BCMF) today announced the launch of two Michif-French language programs in partnership with Heritage Canada, the Michif-French Mentor-Apprentice Program to serve categories of Mentor-Apprentice Team Pairs and the Michif Coming Home Silent Speakers Program.

These programs aim to revitalize the critically endangered language. The immersion style Mentor-Apprentice Program, or “MAP,” invites language learners to learn alongside fluent speakers, mimicking the natural way children learn their mother tongue: through immersion and interaction, rather than formal training. This MAP model has been proven effective for developing fluency and cultural understanding, and is part of BCMF’s goal to revitalize Michif-French and ensure our cultural language is rebuilt, restored, and reclaimed—for speakers of the past, present and future.

The BCMF Michif Coming Home Program serves those members of our community who understand Michif-French but may not actively use it in daily conversation. This phenomenon is commonly observed due to the influence of dominant colonial languages, urbanization, and cultural shifts within the community. BCMF’s goal is to support members in proudly reclaiming their use of Michif-French for generations to come.

“Language is a powerful tool for self-expression and Métis identity. When we reclaim our Michif language, we reclaim our sense of self and our connection to our Métis culture, community and heritage,” says Jeanie Cardinal, BCMF Director of Culture and Language. “Today, BCMF begins our language transfer to build the capacity of Michif language speakers. Our Michif languages belong to us and we are stepping forward to call them back home.”

You can find more information on both programs on the BCMetis.com website:

For more information about either program, contact BCMF’s MAP Coordinator Marla Klyne at MAP.Coordinator@BCMetis.com.

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