Michif-French K-6 Curriculum now available

BC Metis Federation is proud to announce the release of a new Michif-French language curriculum developed for early learners and beginners.

Michif Language Curriculum Volumes 1 to 3 are designed for any early learner, each level is broken down into a full K-6 Michif French Curriculum. There are 102 lesson plans that have been developed for use in schools, communities, and daycare centres with scoring options to measure the learning capacity of the language. These lesson plans also include additional extras such as recipes, games, cultural and traditional knowledge and audio files to support learning. The completion of the K-6 curriculum includes a one-thousand word Michif Glossary with illustration photos, the first of its kind. This work is being completed in partnership with Heritage Canada.

Click here to browse the Michif Audio Library or request access to the digital workbooks (PDF format). Or, for more information on the Michif Language Project, please visit our project page here.

If you are interested in the curriculum, fill out the request form for a Michif French Language resource package to lead your community in using the Michif French Language through Stories Curriculum K-6.  If you have any questions about this curriculum, please contact Jeanie Cardinal, Director of Michif Language via email: j.cardinal@bcmetis.com.

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